From portable fridges to transit bags and now, McHitch Trailer Couplings, we have everything you need to get you on the road safely and comfortably.

We are proud stockists of McHitch plus a huge range of Engel camping accessories. Check out our gear below, all available in our Geelong store.

McHitch Automatic Trailer Couplings:

Patto’s RV Centre are proud to be an official stockist of the McHitch Automatic Trailer Coupler.

mchitchThe McHitch system has been extensively tested and proven under the harshest Australian conditions. McHitch is the pinnacle of Australian engineering, winning many awards from all around the world. If you are looking for the best trailer coupler in the world, Patto’s recommend McHitch Automatic.

We have two models in stock:

  • 3.5 tonne “Easy Fit” Automatic Trailer Coupler Kit      $ – Call for price
  • 4.5 tonne “Easy Fit” Automatic Trailer Coupler Kit      $ – Call for price


  • Self-aligning stainless steel tapered pin (patent pending) makes hitching up a breeze
  • No wear on the pin because the point of attachment is separate to the point of movement
  • High articulation – over 90 degrees on every axis
  • Hi-tech roller bearings and precision polyurethane bushes
  • Suits all trailer/vehicle combinations
  • No rattles or hammer
  • Easily mounted – bolt holes are the same as other hitches and in most cases all you have to do is replace the greasy, outdated towball

Ready in 4 easy steps:


21 Litre Chest Fridge/Freezer (MT27F) – $ Call for Price

The 21 litre is great between the seats of a truck or in the floor of the back seat in a sedan. Compact and lightweight with a tough plastic casing, this model is perfect for one or two people on weekends away.

Transit bag also available

38 Litre Eclipse Chest Fridge/Freezer (MR40F) – $ Call for price

This will Eclipse the competition! Reliability, Performance, Efficiency and Quality at an affordable price. The Sawafuji Swing Motor in a polypropylene 38 litre cabinet.

Transit bag also available 

40 Litre Platinum Chest Fridge/Freezer (MT45FP) – $ Call for price

A rugged steel casing, steel lid and steel handles which double as tie down points. New longer battery life, digital temperature read out built in. Now with fixed lid hinges. Supplied with both the 12 volt cord and the 240 volt lead with three pin plug. Auto switching as standard removes the need for the user to switch power sources manually.

Transit bag also available


40 Litre Combi Chest Fridge/Freezer (MT45FCP) – $ Call for price

This model is the new combination Fridge and Freezer, with added features including the removable internal divider and thermostatically controlled fan. The Combi gives three versatile configurations:

Option 1. Freezer 17 Litres / Fridge 23 litres (total 39 Litres)
Option 2. Freezer 22 litres / Fridge 16 Litres (total 39 Litres)
Option 3. Refrigerator Only (Divider removed total 40 Litres)

Transit bag also available

60 Litre Digital Platinum Fridge/Freezer (MT60FP) – $ Call for price

Great for group excursions, fishing trips and extended touring. Twin storage baskets offer very easy access. Steel cabinet, Steel lid and Steel handles that can be used as tie down points. Supplied with both 12 volt and 240 volt cords with auto switching as standard.

Transit bag also available

57 Litre Combi Digital Platinum Fridge/Freezer (MT60CP) – $ Call for price

This is a portable fridge-freezer with the convenience of separate fridge (32 litre) and freezer (25 litre) compartments. The thermostatically controlled fan provides cool air from the freezer section to maintain accurate refrigerator temperatures.

Transit bag also available

Transit Bags:

Check out our selection of heavy duty, insulated transit bags, especially designed to protect your fridge/freezer from bumps and scratches whilst on the road.

Engel Transit Bag (TBAG27G)

Suits MT27F (in stock at Patto’s) and MD27F.

Engel Transit Bag (TBAGECL40)

Suits MR40F (in stock at Patto’s)

Engel Transit Bag (TBAG45G)

Suits MT45FP and MT45FCP (in stock at Patto’s)

Engel Transit Bag (TBAG560GA)

Suits MT60FP and MT60FCP (in stock at Patto’s)

We also stock a great range of other popular Engel accessories such as storage baskets, tie down brackets, digital thermometers, the Smart Battery Box and replacement cords so come on in and browse all of our products.