Your camping journey starts here

So, you’re keen to start your #camplife but still weighing up all the accommodation options? From the humble tent to a grand RV with all the mod-cons, the possibilities are endless.

For anyone starting out on their camping journey, a camper trailer is the perfect towable home away from home, providing flexibility and comfort, on a budget. In fact, we can have you set up and on your way for under $12,000.

Why a camper trailer?

Just like camping in a regular tent, you still get the benefit of feeling close to nature, but there’s enough comfort and convenience to take you on a longer journey or to more remote places.

Everything has its place in a camper trailer, making set up and pack up much quicker. And with the option of a hard floor for sleeping or living area, the comfort level is significantly improved.

A camper trailer gives you plenty of room for storing equipment and essentials, and most have an integrated kitchen.

Compared with a caravan or RV, a camper trailer is lower and lighter, making it much easier to tow and park, as well as using less fuel, than a full-size van. You’re also less likely to need to upgrade your vehicle to tow one, unless you want to go off road.

Camper trailers have been popular for decades but newer models have more advanced and functional design, add ons and creature comforts. It pays to do your homework before making the investment though so you get the perfect camper for your needs.

Once you’ve made the decision to buy a camper trailer, choosing which one all depends on what you’re planning to do with it, how many people it needs to accommodate and where you’ll be going.

There are a number of different brands and styles on the market. We sell Mars campers because they’re a reliable, well-made product that represents good value for our customers. At Patto’s RV, we stock both soft floor and hard floor models to suit all budgets.

Soft or hard floor: what’s the difference?

Soft Floor

The simplest and cheapest type is the soft-floor camper. They are perfect for families because they provide plenty of room and lots of internal storage space. Their lightweight construction makes them easy to tow.

The downside is they can take longer to set up, pack up and clean than hard floor versions. The solution? Just stay longer!

Hard floor

If you want the maximum comfort in the great outdoors, a hard camper is the way to go. They’re best for couples or small families.

Hard floor campers provide a raised surface which is great if you’re staying somewhere dusty or damp. Most have an external side-out kitchen.

They have a hinge at one end attached to a cantilever-floor that opens out like a fan to reveal a canvas tent. Choose from forward fold or rear fold hard floor camper models, each with distinct benefits.

Forward folds open toward the vehicle and have a higher floor and side protection. The bed rests above the front toolbox and partially over the drawbar. The main benefits are that they are faster to set up than rear-folds. They require less space to park and offer the user great views from the raised indoor area.

Rear folds are closer to the ground so can have more doors and open up more with extra rooms. They have a fixed bed on the trailer, so you can leave it set up from camp to camp. The tray is shallower, making towing easier, plus there is option for more entry doors.

The best way to fully understand the differences between the models and styles is come in to our Moolap showroom. We have soft and hard floor models set up and we’re on hand to answer any questions you may have.