Hit the road and get social

If we’ve learned one thing during the pandemic of the last two years it’s that the simple life really is the best. And exploring your own back yard is the best kind of holiday.

With border restrictions finally all lifted, it’s now more appealing than ever to start planning your #vanlife or your #campingadventure.

We all know that camping is great for connecting with nature, honing problem solving skills and generally escaping from the daily grind. But did you know there’s another really big benefit of camping?

Whether you’re travelling with a family, partner or friend, or enjoying a solo adventure, the social side of camping is something that many regular campers find appealing.

Wherever you go, from free camping sites to holiday parks, or even out on the road, there’s always like-mind people around. Before you know it, you’ll be striking up a conversation, swapping tips or sharing a beverage with complete strangers.

And with limited on non-existent wi fi in some of the more remote places, you’ll be amazed at how social you can be irl (in real life) without the use of phones and other devices.

Some of the strongest friendships have been formed over shared experiences on the road or at a campsite, good and bad. If you’ve got the RV bogged, flattened the battery, or run out of tea bags, no problem! There’s always someone to help.

If you’re thinking of starting your camping journey, a camper trailer offers flexibility and comfort, on a budget. See our blog for more info on choosing a camper trailer.