Nature’s calling! Our top Vic national parks to visit

Everyone’s idea of “camping” is different, but whether you stay in a tent, drive a decked-out van or luxury motorhome, tow a camper trailer or caravan, most would agree that connecting with nature is a big part of the attraction.

Australia truly is the lucky country when it comes to incredible places to visit. Our breathtaking national parks showcase diverse landscapes, flora and fauna, offering unique experiences to suit campers of all kinds. Where you choose to go probably depends on what you’re seeking, whether it’s adventure, rest and relaxation, getting up close and friendly with wildlife or just enjoying a great view.

If you’re just starting out on your camping journey and need a little help, here’s a few of the Patto’s team’s favourite national parks to visit, and they’re all close to home.

Grampians National Park
Perfect for: Adventurers
Renowned for its rugged mountain ranges, ancient rock formations, and vibrant wildflower displays. Hike to panoramic lookouts, visit waterfalls, and discover one of the biggest collections of Indigenous rock art sites in south-eastern Australia.
There’s a variety of campgrounds located within the beautiful forest surrounds of Grampians National Park, as well as plenty of camping and caravan options at nearby Halls Gap.

Great Otway National Park
Perfect for: Nature Lovers
The iconic Great Ocean Road not only provides views of Victoria’s incredible coast, it leads to the one our lushest treasures – the Otways. Featuring rainforests, towering fern gullies and beautiful waterfalls, it’s the perfect place to absorb nature. In the Otways you can camp by the beach, a lake, a river or ancient forest – but a word of warning: It can get very chilly and wet deep in the Otways, so rug up if you’re heading there any time soon.

Wilsons Promontory National Park
Perfect for: Sightseers
It’s worth making the trip to our southernmost tip of Victoria to catch spectacular coastal scenery, pristine beaches, and diverse wildlife. The best views are from Mount Oberon but you’’ll have to hike there. Allow at least a couple of hours but it’s worth the effort to enjoy breathtaking views.
Camping is available at family-friendly Tidal River or you can hike to a more secluded campsite. 

There are free and paid camping grounds available at these national parks, but it’s always best to check with Parks Victoria for accurate information on where you can camp as well as other important information including how to to book.